Prelube GNH 2024

Dear Hashers,

my 45th birthday and annual music festival will be a two days campout this year. The event will also be the prelube for the GNH in Aachen.

Please register if you want to come since we have limited space for tents and Campers.

When: 23.8 – 25.8.2024, Camping Ground open 4 pm!

Where: Kanuclub Delphin, An der Aggerbrücke 3

53721 Siegburg (40 minutes by train from Frankfurt Airport)

Trail is SUNDAY at 2 pm!

45 Euro for Camping and Beer and Music + 5 Euro hash cash = 50 Euro

Please send me an email for registration and transfer money via paypal until 1st of July. Or write me an email and I figure out an US account! Also put down your information here:

Looking forward seeing you! On On Snake Charmer

PS: After the event you can stroll to Amsterdam, Brüssel, Berlin, Prague and meet us the following weekend in Aachen for GNH.

Also contact me if you need my help getting a tent…..